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Oh, Hi April (Take 2)

On my mind these days?  Many things, but let's keep it light and moving forward.

Here we are at the second quarter of the year, and doing better body-wise has been on my mind.  I was thinking about this in the shower today- I have been pregnant and/or nursing since 2015.  Sighhhh.  And no, I am not still nursing my toddler but a new baby! A little girl who is both energetic and demanding in ways her brother never was.  Anyway, baby talk aside I'd like to finally release myself from baby-fat-dom and move back towards better body confidence.  Our apartment has mirrors everywhere and I am constantly catching a reflection of myself! BOO!!  It's almost as bad as being in a changing room except that the lighting is better and there's no mind numbing soundtrack to make you feel like you're in purgatory.

Step one has been to workout.  I actually worked out up until a few weeks before delivery but then for 6 months post partum I didn't do anything for myself.  Well, now…

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