Saturday, March 19, 2016

a Little Less

I sit here smelling dinner cooking (spinach and turkey lasagna- yes, that sounds boring and healthy but it's amazing and healthy), listening to the Jonathon Channel on WQXR, and keeping an eye on my now sitting baby. This is my Saturday night.

A little less. 

A little less tummy. A little less to worry about. A little less mulling over the future. 


A little less yarn. I was able to pass on a collection of stash earmarked for charity that I just wasn't going to get around to making into anything any time soon.  Now I am just left with a much lighter load and it's my hope to use up almost everything by the fall. Why? My quantities will fit a certain sized child, space is at a premium, and frankly I don't want to have just for the sake of having. 

This flower is going towards my next sewing project. My kid is lunging for something interesting to chew on. When I am feeling thoughtful, I like to work on small things. I kept the crochet thread. 

A little less food.

I did some recipe testing this week and was left with egg whites and cream amongst other things. I actually thought about making cake because I also have leftover milk, but um yeah- a little less tummy. So frittata for my husband. Not for me because I detest the smell and taste of cooked eggs. Conveniently there was also some freah thyme drying out in the fridge and some leftover cheese from a texmex meal earlier in the week.  Using up the stuff that can go bad feels like a win. We have started to buy only enough perishable food for about two meals at a time and a few extra vegetables that can sit around. This means we're pretty good about having home cooked food about 90% of the week. 

A little less screentime, and more time for dreaming and creating. And on that note, later. 

This would be the perfect Saturday night film. We used to own it on VHS. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Suddenly Sunday

It has been a week.

Warm weather and a day off heralded the beginning of fishing season for my man. I'm sure most people don't know anyone who fishes, or at least under the age of 65, but the guy and his friends are a team and they FISH. They have a boat, there are meetings, after each fishing session there's a report. It's legit.  Of course I wish this attention and commitment translated into getting things done in life and at home, but there it is... Anyways, we the family headed to Prospect Park on that nice day and I basically mom-ed in a different location while husband fished. 

Such is my life. 

Baby will begin on solid foods pretty soon, so it made sense to finally switch back to traditional oats versus the quick version I've been eating recently.  Traditionally I don't much enjoy the old fashioned oats except in cookies, so I thought I'd give the overnight refrigerator method a shot.  The next day the oats were nice and soft, but I definitely used too much water (I usually like my oats soupy but this was too much).  Next time I'll try almond milk or Lactaid, and then it won't matter if there's too much extra liquid.

Lastly, in the slow cooker (!) I made a pork shoulder and it came out delish if I do say so myself.  The man is often sent to the market without a list and I just make whatever he brings home in some kind of manner.  Pork shoulder is a good inexpensive cut that can give you a lot of servings, and the juices flavor everything nicely.  I cut away much of the fat, but there's still a good amount that can't be seen in the picture.  I made slits and shoved in garlic slices and fresh thyme and everything was seasoned with salt and pepper and a rub that I just throw together.  There's also a little bit of liquid smoke and red wine vinegar in there as well.  The meat is sitting on top of a sliced onion, some whole garlic cloves, and small, raw,  red beans.  For the beans I added a mug full of water just to make sure they were cooking along with the meat since it takes hours for the pork to release its juices.  

I've had oven roasted pulled pork, but honestly this method is better and there is still a good result even when the setting is on high, which can make this a timely dish to prepare.  After about 5.5 hours I threw in a thinly sliced fennel and some cut up carrots and really there was nothing to complain about with this dish.  Except I had to share.

Here's a lively tune to start off the week, and there's even water and boats!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Crazy Pants Completion

I was able to take advantage of the lovely weather this afternoon. There's nothing like trying to complete one's Japanese homework, having a baby who has suddenly decided naps should only last a few minutes, and mounting frustration to drive one out into the great outdoors. Living in the Lower East Side has its advantages, namely that you are close to great little streets for walking and window shopping. Baby seemed content as well, looking around with interest and making his noises with abandon. 

While walking and thinking, I happened into Purl Soho, a slightly local yarn shop, for a quick peek. One never stays long there because they have an awful layout and having a narrow rectangular shop is just no excuse for a cramped store. I saw a small Brooklyn Tweed trunk show, admired a sweater dress/tunic that bears looking into, and then walked home thinking about my recently completed Crazy Pants. 

found the Crazy Pants ( or Sourrell Pants as they are described) in a Japanese sewing pattern book I purchased from Kinokuniya a few months ago. The Japanese are very efficient in their pattern writing- if you're lucky there might be a pattern to trace but generally it's more of an outline or schematic with NO seam allowance. I forgot the seam and had to draft my pattern twice. Anyway, the actual sewing was easy and I think I look awful silly in these diaper-like, drop crotch pants, but they're fun and should look cute with my high tops or sandles, and a flowy tank with crocheted straps that I will be creating from another pattern book.

Meanwhile I have ripped out three panels from the blanket I posted about before, and remaking them because they were stretching oddly. Hopefully this will be done sooner than later. 

There's nothing like Kpop to make me feel okay about my pants!