Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Oh, Hi April!

The ebb and flow of life makes life too interesting some times, and not boring enough other times...

I've been reading about traveling to Mars.  A knitting personality trying to get a web show off of the ground.  A friend going through back to back health challenges.  And, a (semi) interesting take on Prince Charles as the next King.  Oh, and my son needs more feeding help.

Did I also mention I am trying to get back into the swing of things with my academics because of my own pressing need to get back to me, as in less mom identity, and more Ely, who is also a mom...  I realized a little too late, that when I started school last fall I should have done more to be outside of the home more.  Yes, my son has needed attention and my availability has made meeting those challenges easier, but I really failed on the personal balance front.  I know myself, and I need to be doing, and monitoring his feeding schedule is not doing.  To remedy this, and because of our limitations that don't allow for putting him in any private care right now, I have been researching jobs to do from home that are inline with my studies.  So far I have some leads, and while I have physical and time limitations, I am strategizing work arounds.  

I'm calling it my Take Care Plan.

This includes giving myself a facial while my little guy takes a bath.  Declaring independence from my hair and chopping it off.  Finding the right balance of foods to keep me satisfied, but not overly full.  Taking stock of how I use my free time.  Deciding in a  more thoughtful way, how to spend money, and what projects/businesses/ideas should get what little disposable income I have.  So while I am a crafter, I put my dollars towards a 12- week New Yorker subscription instead of the web show I linked to above, because I already have a monthly membership with Creativebug.  I look and I dream, but this isn't the season for being able to have all of the wants.  And that's okay- nothing is lost.  It just lights a fire under my butt to get moving!

More (sooner than) later.

When I am feeling soulful, I like to listen to Jill Scott.