Saturday, October 29, 2016


Whoa! I last posted in May- 5 months ago.

Hi A, I've returned!!

By the way, "tadaima" is something you say when you return home in a Japanese household.  The person who greets you says, "o-kaeri."  I, for one, don't see the necessity of saying, repeating, and acknowledging the obvious, but it's a cultural thing- I live with a little bit of Japan.

So what's been going on aka a recap??

  1. Japan happened and it was awesome.  It has also inspired me to switch career gears, but more on that...
  2. Now! I am studying to be a TESOL teacher (ESL teacher).  Oh man is it a lot of work, and I am officially older than people.  Like I knew that, but when age and experience separate you from your peers and it's OBVIOUS, you're *cough *cough... I work really hard on my assignments because I haven't been in a college classroom since the early 00's and I haven't studied grammar since in the 909's.  Well, that and this costs money and why would I waste my time on something I don't take seriously...
  3. Oh, and yeah teaching your native language is harder than you think.  Ever hear of count and non-count nouns?? No? Oh, the things you take for granted.
  4. The future career plan?  To become a teacher in the city part-time, build up an online business, AND teach in Japan in the future.  Hey, my kid needs to balance his American-ess with the Japanese side so summers with the grandparents are in his (our) future.  I can live my dream of living abroad.  Can't wait!! Must make time to work on my Japanese.
  5. My little guy turned one, and man I love this kid.  And maybe a few others, but kids in general? Bleh.  I live in fear that he'll be a punk that I won't like when he gets older.  Please don't be that person lil' e!!
  6. Walking solo is on the cusp of happening!! Yeah and scarrrrrry. 
  7. Crafting has sort of ground to a halt, but I have dreams of what I could be making.  Good thing I have a small holiday craft list limited to girlfriends and a few family members.  But yeah, peeps may be getting bourbon maple syrup if I can't get enough done in the next month.  No need for unnecessary stress in my life.
  8. Still cooking!! I busted out a yummy lasagna last night.  Scoping out the meat sales section at my local Whole Foods is the way to go, otherwise it's totally unaffordable to get meat there.  
  9. I've been exercising!  I needed a full body routine so I tried pilates, but to reshape my body and lose weight is not something pilates can do.  However, I gave an online pilates program a go because I can work out from home, but at the end of the day I need to sweat through cardio to see and feel results.  So I'm doing a bootcamp, while my little guy chills out in the stroller.  I'm not bored in the gym, I'm with other mammas, and I get to be outside and not care who's watching.
  10. A lot of things have fallen to the side while I've been busy with school, but you know that's okay.  I don't have any more hours in the day than the next person, but I use every minute in the best way.  My downtime has become even more valuable now that I've added another big thing to my life, but I have no regrets.  I'm ready to move on, and this next chapter is looking good.
(Why yes, these mangoes are running for 90.74 down from 98.00.  Kind of puts the price of our produce in perspective, no?  And this is in the supermarket- not an import shop.)

Ok, I have to jet but of course I'm leaving you with a snappy Saturday tune!!  Happy Fall, friends!!