Nature's Candy

I usually refer to raisins as "nature's candy" but the fruit that I came across in a mall's basement supermarket was so lush, it's like candy.  So, I thought I would share some more pretty pictures from visiting the in laws. Oh, and as A mentioned, keep in mind the exchange rate, but this produce was still pricey!! That said, this fruit is obviously cherished and it really puts into perspective the things we buy and hold on to and buy and hold on to, instead of just enjoying for the moment.

You ever hear some music that just pulls you out of your seat and into your fantasy singing or dance life?  I recently started watching this anime, between life and assignments, and the opening theme is just that.  (Note: this anime is not for the young or the faint hearted.  Shyt happens and it's not pretty).


  1. Way cool anime! When I was little, Astro Boy was on the telly - I remember it was pretty violent, but most cartoons were in the 60's.


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