Monday, December 5, 2016

Perry Mason

Phew! Let me catch my breath for a second!!  Some kind of way, I have been rather busy these past few weeks.

We went to see a Cirque du Soleil show on Randall's Island.  Very cool, and I may have thought about the feasibility of a Las Vegas trip to catch them there. Youtube has a lot of videos about the behind-the-scenes.

Took a frugal mock-staycation in Poughkeepsie.

Saw The Nutcracker with another family we're friends with.  Enjoyable, but our little people were too little for this.  Next year I will look for a more children oriented production.

Oh, and I have been still going to class and dealing with everyday life stuff.

It has all been rather fun, but I am especially proud of our mini-trip, shoehorned into the middle of the week, between prior commitments.  I had originally wanted to go to the Berkshires, but between booking the hotel and car, our trip would have been close to 600 dollars.  For two nights!  And a lot of driving.  So, back to the drawing board.

There's this blog I love,  Frugal Queen, and this couple packs everything for travel to save on costs.  They actually do a lot I can relate to. Anyway, this is where I started.  I looked for places along the rail line, and came up with two viable options.  Both hotels were the same in amenities and close enough in price, except that one had the free breakfast.  That's one meal taken care of.  Menu planning for such a short jaunt is pretty easy- wraps and  burrito bowls.  Baby food.  Snacks. And beer.  Bam!  Was it all a little heavy and annoying traveling the subway system to Grand Central for the train.  Well, yes.  But then we got to settle in and relax without all of the driving stuff. And even though travel was still a little pricey, the trip cost about a quarter of the Berkshires plan.  And, it's closer.

We enjoyed the pool, HGTV, and I got to catch an episode of Perry Mason.  Back when I used to receive the physical DVDs from Netflix, one of the last shows I watched before switching to streaming only, was Perry Mason.  I love that show just as much as Murder, She Wrote.  Plus it brings back childhood memories of watching tv in my aunt's old room in my grandmother's house.  Oh, and side note: the actress, Julie Adams,  playing the wife of the murder victim played Eve Simpson on Murder, She Wrote.  Coincidence, or  meant to be?

In any case, I like this local travel plan better than staying home.  Must do this again.

More on the cool stuff that I am crafting later!!

I tried to get into Netflix's Luke Cage, but after four episodes I just wasn't hooked.  Oh well.  The music though...

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  1. Alegria and Corteo are my two favorites from Cirque du Soleil. Both are retired now, though. Perry Mason. I loved that show when I was little - we watched the reruns, and sometimes it's still on MeTV :-)